Conference Cancellation

March 25, 2013,  Ho Chi Minh City
Dear all,
The Rainforest Project Foundation and associates regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel our planned International Agarwood Conference for 2013. This decision was not made lightly, as we had prepared and completed all requirements for a successful conference. However, TRP and partners ultimately chose to allocate their resources, particularly human resources, to several on-going activities and one large, new conservation project. With these projects underway, we felt we simply could not dedicate the level of commitment needed to ensure the quality of the conference. The Third International Agarwood Conference unfortunately proved too big a burden in the final planning stages. We will likely organize a third conference another time, but for now must dedicate our resources and time to on-going research and new project development and implementation. We apologize for raising expectations and inconveniencing any potential conference delegates. There are several other events taking place concerning agarwood in Malaysia and China which might be of interest to those who seek basic agarwood information and insights.
Henry Heuveling van Beek
Director, The Rainforest Project Foundation (TRP)


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