The Rainforest Project 2015

The Rainforest Project, with our partners The Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association (BANCA), plan to implement programs in the Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar. This video was filmed and produced in 2014 as an introduction and example of an area under consideration.

TRP in 2015, and a new conservation program

We will focus on hard conservation efforts, owning and sharing entire, self-sustaining eco-systems.

Agarwood remains a concern and involvement and we will continue research, and remain commercially involved. See for more information.

Our main, soon-to-be dramatically expanding conservation efforts are centered in Burma and Papua New Guinea.

Starting this year our focus will return to our roots, People-based Nature Conservation, research and economic development. We believe we can achieve this by integrating ecosystem services into business, linked to hard nature conservation.

This is the beginning of our quest to secure primary forests and ecosystems on a sustainable and commercially-viable basis, in response to the global failure to conserve nature. We believe the solution to reverse this failure is allocating monetary value to these ecosystems in a holistic fashion, inclusive of hidden values currently not or only partially recognized.

2015 will see the start up of our program to help secure island and mainland based forest and marine eco-systems conservation. TRP has been maintaining a bare bones, low cost, and low profile operation over the past few years. During this time we were researching, designing and lobbying for what we think is the only really viable solution to create and maintain nature conservation; by commercializing these endeavors. Details will be shared with selective partners in the coming months, and fully publicized by the end of 2015. We expect to begin implementation this year.

We continue to be involved with agarwood research and development in Vietnam and elsewhere. A conference will be scheduled after we have attracted new staff. We are mostly involved in commercialization of sustainable alternatives via several [incubator] companies and small projects with these companies.

TRP is supported by a small group of scientists, and private individuals who all work and contribute to our new program on a voluntary bases. We are, and will work mostly with local governments at all levels, inhabitants of program areas, and in-country NGOs and companies. Proposals have been written, and in-depth assessments have been, and will continue to be conducted. TRP will publish agreements, planning, and investment opportunities later this year.

TRP has over years reviewed parts of The Myeik Archipelago, and plans to implement programs with our partner BANCA, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association, the leading NGO conservation group in Myanmar. As an introduction and example of an area under consideration, please see the following video filmed and produced in 2014 in Myanmar during one of those assessments.

Henry Heuveling van Beek and TRP supporters in Europe and Asia, January 2015