The Rainforest Project Foundation: 2021

The Rainforest Project has been mainly active via ECOSHARE over the past two years, our new, huge conservation initiative, in Papua New Guinea, PNG. However, the past 14 months have been impacted seriously by SARS-CoV2 situation. We expect and hope to fully start again in April 2021 with a major publicity drive and funding for our ECOSHARE company.

The situation in PNG at present is taking a turn for the worse. SARS is now in PNG to stay and most of the population is unlikely to be vaccinated any time soon, or at all. With only about 500 doctors for over nine million people spread out thinly around this huge and diverse country a new calamity is looming. This event is again emphasizing the need to support the population to make nature conservation work, and that conservation of PNGs ecosystems is vital to contain new diseases and discover cures. 

We expect to at least obtain enough investments this year to begin hiring and setting up ECOSHARE in PNG. Please have a look:< ECOSHARE Pte Ltd >

We anticipate continued disruption of all our activities due to SARS. We will continue no matter what and are optimistic to gain enough support for our concept and ES company to begin a hugely successful and very long conservation efforts of the third largest intact land and marine based ecosystems in the world. 

Please purchase ES certificates or consider much needed donations of any size to TRP (Tax-deductible in The Netherlands). 

With kind regards,

Henry Heuveling van Beek, Chair TRP Foundation.



Bank Details

BANK name and address: ABN – AMRO BANK, DAM, 1001 AS Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

ACC Name: Stichting The Rainforest Project,

ACC No: [IBAN] NL30ABNA0492844992