The Rainforest Project: 2018–2019

The Rainforest Project will completely focus on commercial nature conservation in Papua New Guinea,
and several other Asian Countries. Via ECOSHARE Pte Ltd based in Singapore, a limited company started two years ago to facilitate a new, and only feasible way to link conservation with people. This will create feasible tropical nature conservation, owned by land owner clans and investors until 2100 and beyond.

In a turn-around, we unfortunately had to stop with our efforts in Myanmar because of the continuing
civil warfare in many parts of this country, and the unacceptable government actions and abuses. Agarwood remains part of our research and development work, via Cultivated Agarwood Global, also
incorporated in Singapore since 2016.

We have made a lot of progress with ECOSHARE, and are opening up four large-to-small ecosystems developments for investment in PNG, with agreements and participation of land owners clans via ECOSHARE. Please visit for more info.

2015–2017: Delays and in activities are the result of reliance on few people, limited budget and a
personal traffic accident, which delayed a lot of work for over a year. The also delayed share transfer of ES to TRP will be initiated by April 2018; the foundation will receive ownership of 90% of shares. In 2018–2019 TRP will and must make steps to new, very long term advice, and management of PNG and other projects in consultation with land owners and via ECOSHARE.

Please review and join us with ECOSHARE!

Kind regards,

Henry Heuveling van Beek, Saigon, January 2018