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The Rainforest Project (TRP) is a European-based foundation dedicated to the preservation of the world’s forests, registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. TRP was founded in 1993 by a number of like-minded individuals with backgrounds in the sciences who wished to make a difference in nature conservation.

The foundation recruits participants from universities, forestry departments, and grass-roots groups in areas where TRP conducts projects. TRP is committed to people-based nature conservation, merging research, economic development, and a participatory approach to ensure the input of local people. Our primary goals are:

  • To initiate, support, and promote tropical forest conservation through commercial ecosystems use and conservation.
  • To enlist structural support for protection, management, and training in forest conservation in order to encourage long-term self-reliance.
  • To encourage the implementation of environmentally-sound policy to strengthen nature conservation efforts and long-term economic feasibility of people-based nature conservation.

The foundation designs, coordinates, and administers projects and will fundraise to support these projects. TRP takes a pragmatic approach in dealing with the political and socio-economic realities in project countries.




The Rainforest Project Netherlands (TRP)
Olympia Plein 38 H
1076 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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